Saturday, February 28, 2009

Wisdom: The Practical Application of Knowledge

A few nights ago, TY and I brought Julian (also known as Jules or Jay-Jay) to one of those cosy, almost-extinct neighborhoods we used to find in the 1970s in Singapore. We chanced upon a very unique "tikam-like" fishing game machine. That was the first time I had ever come across such a machine in all my life! Each game costs 50 cents and he played a total of 4 games, and ended with a bountiful catch!!! As a result, he was rewarded with a string of coupons which we could redeem for toys, somewhat like the gift redemption system at the games arcades. Unfortunately, by the time Julian had finished game #4, the shop was almost closed and we did not get to redeem a thing! Well, fishing as we all know, is a very time-consuming hobby ...

Today, on our way home in the car, Julian was playing with his unredeemed coupons and generally not putting on his best behavior, which is of course, an understatement. TY, who's patience had worn very thin, firmly told him, "Julian, if you continue to misbehave, we will give you one coupon for every bad behavior and when you have accumulated 3 coupons, you will receive a spanking from Mr. Spoon!" I was about to launch into my rhetoric of how we should reward good behavior and not reinforce negative behavior when my son, undeterred and with a cheeky face replied as resolutely, "Daddy, the next time when Baby Asher is naughty, I will give him THREE coupons so that I can beat him!!!"

We burst out laughing uncontrollably, and Julian joined in even though he was clueness about what was happening. Our 3-year-old son not only understood the essence of what we said but he could put it to practical application as well! What can I say?! You do not have to be old to be wise!

* TY: My husband, Julian's Daddy, aka Tan Yong
* Baby Asher: Julian's 18-month-old cousin whom he has a constant love-hate relationship with