Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Colour Therapy (Part 2)

I have been feeling rather down since Sunday when I found out that my grandfather has been hospitalized. He hasn’t been feeling well of late probably due to his old age (he is 85 this year!); but my guess is that it could be because he is missing my granny, who passed away about 3 months back, a great deal.

Back at work on Tuesday (March 17, 2009), coupled with the fact that I had to take care of Julian who was sick over the weekend and the office workload, I felt a sudden onrush of fatigue and needed to take a quick breather. So during lunchtime, I decided to pop by Nail Addiction at Suntec Tower 3 (opposite Carrefour supermarket) for an unscheduled manicure.

From the moment I stepped into the shop, the soothing music, relaxing hand massage, pleasant chatter with the manicurist and the alluring array of colours started to take effect on me. After 45 minutes of nail pampering, I felt “rejuvenated” and ready to tackle my day’s challenges. Colour therapy works, again.


With our cosmopolitan lifestyle and heightened stress level, we need to find our own stress antidotes to keep our balance in life. Since we have only one life to live, let’s it to the fullest - being true to ourselves and to the God who made us. And along the way, remember to stop and smell the roses!

Colour Therapy (Part 1)

On Monday (March 16, 2009), I decided to keep Julian home as he had been coughing the night before and waking up at half hour intervals, complaining of pain in his throat. I was kept awake till 4 a.m. before he finally dozed off to sleep! That morning, he woke up close to 10 a.m. (which was very unusual as Jules normally wakes up at 7 a.m. ++) and I decided to indulge him since he was unwell.

Me: “What would you like to do today? Since you are unwell, Mommy will stay home with you.”

Jules: “I want to paint!” You know, those new things you bought for me in the (magic) cupboard?”

I didn’t know what I had gotten myself into … Cos some moments later, my spick and span house was slathered in paint though I had painstakingly laid newspaper extensively over the floor! Anyway, Jules enjoyed himself tremendously so it was well worth it!

IMG_0962 The Artist

EquipmentPainting Equipment

IMG_0933PaintingThe Artist in action!

IMG_0956Jules’  favourite Disney Pixar Cars!

IMG_0957Julian: “I can paint a Rainbow!”

My son visibly perked up after the entire painting session . I guess Colour Therapy – a combination of colours, enjoyment and laughter - works! Like an old saying goes, “A merry heart does good, like medicine.”

Monday, March 16, 2009

Children First! Weekend

Children FirstLast week happened to be the Prudential Children First! Singapore International Festival for Children 2009. As parents, TY & I believe in giving Julian exposure to the creative and performing arts at a young age and we are on the constant lookout for good performances to bring him to. For this event, we decided on 2 shows – Bed Time and Martha - after browsing through the catalogue. Both turned out to be wildly entertaining (for Julian, at least!) and a whopping success!

Bed Time at The Arts House, Gallery (Saturday, March 14, 2009)

Bedtime Bed Time

This performance is produced by Katarsis, Education & Theatre (Spain) and is a charming and amusing non-verbal show that runs just like a dance choreography. Although called Bed Time, there is hardly a moment of rest or slumber! In their innocence and candid imagination, the two friends explore a world of adventures; they find great
pleasure in transforming small things that surround them
into magnificent dreams and creatures. This Bed Time surely beats
counting sheep!

Pillow Traffic Light Pillow!

Props Fiddling Around With Other Props

IMG_0648 IMG_0649 Photo Opportunity!

feedback Filling Out Our Feedback

form Julian: “My Feedback Form!”

the endThe End -

Martha at Raffles Hotel, Jubilee Hall (Sunday, March 15, 2009)

MARTHA 1 Martha

The second performance by Catherine Wheels Theatre Company (Scotland) is about a rather eccentric woman named Martha who lives by herself in a strange house on the beach of an island off the west coast of Scotland. Martha does not want any friends; she thinks she does not need any. One day, a cheeky goose shows up on the beach and refuses to leave in spite of Martha’s hilarious attempts. Stuck with each other, the unlikely pair ends up having a great time until the fowl must return to its family.

Martha is then left with nothing but her memories of the goose. She begins to realise that having a friend or two might be a good thing after all. The show’s amazing appeal transcends time and age as it has intrigued audiences of all ages for almost a decade with its moving, funny and warm story of friendship and trust.


Collecting the Tickets

IMG_0789 Raffles Hotel, Jubilee Hall

IMG_0794 Watching The Show With Kean & Aunty Irene

waiting Waiting For The Show To Begin

after Showtime Over!


- The End -


On Saturday (March 14, 2009), we went for lunch at Jack’s Place at Parkway Parade and chanced upon a make-a-bear shop called Cool Bear Workstation. Previously, we had only patronized the Build-A-Bear-Workshop at Suntec City Mall and Singapore Flyer, which is an American franchise. This particular one at Parkway, which is a local brand, have their flagship store at Esplanade. In comparison, the prices of both are similar, but the quality of bears and costumes for Build-A-Bear-Workshop is far better. What I liked about Cool Bear Workstation though is that their bears are somewhat cute and really soft!

When Julian saw the bears, he was so mesmerized that he decided to make mommy a “green” bear (since green is his current favourite colour)! Fortunately, the service staff diplomatically told him that his mommy seems to prefer a brown bear (from the horrified expression on my face!) and persuaded him to abandon green in favour of brown. And so, I took the opportunity to snap lots and lots of photos and hence, this blog entry on bear-making …

Step 1: Choose a Bear

Brown Bear  Thank heavens, it’s brown!

Step 2: Pick & Put the Stuffing Into the Bear

Fluff fluffGetting the Stuffing!

StuffingStuffing the stuffing!

Step 3: Choose a Heart

IMG_0738 A Basketful of Hearts!

Hmm, red is not nice …

34 Pink is my colour!

Step 4: Scribble A Message!

WritiingSweet secrets!

Step 5: Make a Wish and Stuff the Heart

Wish Oh, I wish … …

Stuffing Putting my heart into the bear!

Parenthesis: [Snacking On The Job!]

Snacking Winnie the Pooh and his hunny pot?!

Step 6: Stitch the Bear

Cut 1 
Oops, forgot to get a snapshot of our bear so we borrowed someone else’s!

Step 7: Wash the Bear

wash the bear

Step 8: Pick An Outfit & Dress the Bear

dressingWhite and blue check shirt 

Step 9: Pay for the Bear!


Nothing in life is for free!

That completes the approximately 30-minute bear-making process. But why Make-A-Lorna-Bear? Because all the children in Julian’s pre-school are known as Lorna kids and he says, “The bear must wear the same uniform as me; he is a Lorna Bear!” And so, for $47.90, a Lorna Bear was made!

Bear & I Ta-Dah!!!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Glittery Art

Got up this morning and my son wanted to do art and craft. He went to 
my “private toy store” and pestered me to let him get one of those “glittery art” kit for him. I am the kind of mom who buys toys (& books & clothes & what have you …) whenever there is a sale and stocks them up for future use. One at a time, I would pull the toys out and give them to Julian whenever he hits the toymaker’s recommended age. To him, this cupboard is like the magical wardrobe that leads to Narnia or the Magic Faraway Tree from the Enid Blyton series because there are  always new surprises lurking inside and the stuff never seems to run out!

Julian is now slightly over 3 years old and after some hesitation, I reckon he could handle it. So together, mother & son, we embarked on our first glitter art handicraft experience! Personally, I enjoyed it tremendously and countless times playing with Julian, I feel like I am relieving my childhood all over again! I seriously wonder if any other parents feel the same way too or is it just me?!!!

IMG_0618 IMG_0614IMG_0613    IMG_0620 

Friday, March 13, 2009

Making Music

Making Music by Hi-5 Band

Bang that drum
Go bang bang bang
Hit that cymbal
Go clang clang clang
Shake that rattle
Go shake shake shake
Make it shake it
Shout it out
Make it shake it
Sing it loud

Make some Noise
Make a sound
Make some music to
dance around to
Make some Noise
Make a sound
Make some music to
dance around to
jump up and down to
sing out loud to
Making Music for you

Making Music for you

Lyrics: L.Carey / C. Harriott

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Malaysia Boleh!

Our family took a mini vacation to KL last weekend and it turned out to be a wonderful getaway! As it was a budget trip and only a 3-day holiday across the Causeway, we did not expect very much. But much to our surprise, it was one of the most enjoyable trips ever!

Making Our Way There!

We arrived KL at about 3 p.m. in the afternoon of Saturday, March 7, 2009 (sorry, details of how we got there cannot be divulged …) and checked-in immediately at the hotel. We booked our accommodation via and it was a hassle-free, cheap and pleasant experience!

TY had read reviews that the hotel we were staying at was rundown and rather dilapidated. Nevertheless, we decided to take a chance and go ahead with it anyway since it had a huge shopping mall and amusement park right in the hotel, and convenience was of paramount importance when travelling with Julian!

Well, I was not a single bit disappointed. The room was spacious, clean and well-maintained. Since a picture speaks a thousand words, see below.

Berjaya Times SquareBerjaya Times Square, Superior Suite

During the trip, one of the best things that happened was that Julian (who is typically camera-shy, or rather, camera-aggressive) learned to pose and to take photographs!

IMG_0334Pose #1: Mommy & I

DaddyPose #2: Daddy & I

BathtubPose #3: Me in Bathtub

IMG_0352 Pose #4: Me & Häagen-Dazs

IMG_0346 Pose #5: Me & My New Guitar

Pose #6: Me & Beautiful Picture

My Shots Shots by Junior Photographer … They Just Get Better!

Another thing that really amazed me was the friendliness of the Malaysians. Everyone, from the bus captain, taxi drivers, hotel staff, right down to the hotel guests, were generally warm, kind and affable.

In fact, during a particular taxi ride, the wife of the taxi driver was riding with him in the car while he was working (imagine that!) and they asked if we were ok with the arrangement. We were fine and throughout the trip, the couple chatted with us like long-lost friends. And Julian decided to do an impromptu rendition of Dick Lee’s Rasa Sayang and wowed the couple. What an apt choice of song!

My son certainly enjoyed himself thoroughly right till the end of the trip. And guess what?!! He even made a new friend on the way back!

IMG_0549 My New Friend, Chloe!

With great shopping … …

Clock Beans Bought Myself An Old Fashioned Wind-Up Clock & “Inspiration” Beans

Yummylicious food … …

IMG_0507 Room Service, Anyone?

Excellent service standard … …

IMG_0540  Checkout Time!

We only have 2 words to sum up our entire holiday … Malaysia Boleh!