Monday, June 6, 2011

The LPN Art School

This afternoon (June 6, 2011), Jules wanted to do some art & craft after his haircut at Junior League and so I brought him to the LPN Art School at Suntec Level 3. Suddenly remembering that our family will be out of town during Father’s Day, I got Jules to do an “advanced” Father’s Day gift for Papa.

After going through the assortment of on-the-spot craft workshops available @ $30 per child, Jules finally settled on canvas painting. It was a first for him … and for me too!

APNReceipt for $30!

He started by doing a draft of the picture he wanted to paint on the canvas – a family portrait with a smurf-looking house complete with furniture, sun (in glasses!), clouds and tree!


Thereafter, under the guidance of the art instructor, he proceeded to paint on the canvas and topped off with some clay craft as the finishing touches. Voila, the picture was finally done after about an hour’s of hard work! It was a job well done!

photo 2 The Masterpiece

Art The Proud Little Artists!