Thursday, September 23, 2010

Concert Rehearsal … Right At Home!

Every year, LWPS holds a year-end concert for their students and this year was no exception. Each class, starting from the youngest in the Playgroup, gets to perform at least 2 items, and parents always perked up and cheer wildly when it came to their kids’ performance (even when it’s an apparent disaster!). So really, we were never short of any applause throughout the entire concert … :)

For the past 2 years Jules had un-exciting roles like being an alien and then, a dragonfly who had to row a boat!

Dragonfly Dragonfly (2009)

This year, however, he came home excitedly and told me he was a Surfer Boy! Needless to say, he was eager to show off his moves and of course, being the good mother that I was, patronized his antics and rejoiced with him!

Hawaii Five-O Groove

A Poem Recital on the Land Down Under

Australia is a continent and it’s a country, too!
It lies in the South in oceans deep and blue.
Koala bears climb Eucalyptus Trees
Chewing on their fragrant leaves.
Hissing snakes and spiders too
Some of them want a bite of you!
But, lookout for shark and stinging fish
Like stingray and lots of jellyfish!
From her Boomerang to her Kangaroo,
From her Koala Bear to her funny Emu,
Australia’s home to so much wonder,
That it’s hard to leave this land, down under!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mid-Autumn Celebration

Last night (September 21, 2010), a group of friends from the church celebrated the Mid-Autumn Festival at the Marina Barrage. There were lots of food, fun, lanterns and … photo opportunities! Made possible by our very own photographer, Uncle Francis!

Marina Sands
Marina Bay Sands

Flyer The Singapore Flyer

Boat“Picture Postcard” View

Pix 1 Mid-Autumn!

Pix 3 Family Shots


Pix 4Jules and Dylan

* All images courtesy of Uncle Francis